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20845 BugNeeds More InformationImmediateReport.create_from_yaml_file throws 'can't instantiate uninitialized class'
18495 FeatureAcceptedImmediateTest puppet packages3.x
17415 BugAcceptedImmediate[Vulcan] Unit/Integration tests for puppet-forge-webPost-Vulcan
17301 RefactorAcceptedImmediateHandle user renaming properly.Ryan Coleman
17300 RefactorAcceptedImmediateHandle module renaming properly.Ryan Coleman
17249 BugNeeds More InformationImmediateCould not retrieve facts from inventory service: 404 "Not Found"Qwan Brodie
17020 BugAcceptedImmediateSplit non-core puppet functionality into moduleseric sorenson3.x
16970 FeatureAcceptedImmediatePublish modules directly through GitHub
16358 FeatureAcceptedImmediateModule page should offer visual representation of module dependanciesMelinda Campbell
15577 FeatureNeeds DecisionImmediatemetadata spec needs to be versionedRyan ColemanBetter documentation and metadata
15516 FeatureAcceptedImmediateValidation of Puppet Labs Style Guide ComplianceMelinda Campbell
15403 High Level FeatureAcceptedImmediateAutomatically produce & display useful documentation about a moduleRyan Coleman
15401 High Level FeatureAcceptedImmediateRatings, Download counts, watching and other features for determining module popularity. Ryan Coleman
15003 High Level FeatureAcceptedImmediateProgrammatic Module Publishing Service & User InterfacesRyan Coleman
13598 FeatureAcceptedImmediateModulefile metadata should include Puppet and Facter versions that this code is known to work onBetter documentation and metadata
7273 BugNeeds More InformationImmediateAdd additional signals for restarting Puppet agent runseric sorenson3.x
5692 FeatureInvestigatingImmediateInternally-generated state files should be written in an atomic wayeric sorenson3.x
3914 FeatureInvestigatingImmediateSite should calculate and publish programmatic quality ratings for modulesRyan Coleman
3888 FeatureAcceptedImmediateTool's metadata should specify OSes/releases a module is suitable forBetter documentation and metadata
3824 FeatureNeeds DecisionImmediateSite should parse any Puppet manifest documentation in the modules and displayRyan Coleman
3814 FeatureNeeds DecisionImmediateForge should provide module download statisticsRyan Coleman
3790 FeatureAcceptedImmediateTool should have an upload capabilityPMT v3
3238 BugIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewImmediatepuppetmaster uses to many mysql connections
  Urgent 10 Collapse all/Expand all
23307 RefactorUnreviewedUrgentAllow duplicate recources
23040 BugUnreviewedUrgentPuppet can't read UTF-8 filenames

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