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Martha Greenberg

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  • Registered on: 06/03/2008
  • Last connection: 03/25/2012


Reported issues: 38


06:23 pm Puppet Bug #5038 (Rejected): puppet 2.6.1 can no longer transfer gzipped files
In 0.25.4, and previous versions, we could use a gzipped file as the source for a file. In 2.6.1, I get the follow e...
06:16 pm Puppet Bug #5037 (Closed): Duplicate definition when a class is included from ldap both directly and via...
We use LDAP external nodes. In 2.6.1, if a class is directly included via LDAP and then also included via a second cl...


08:57 pm Puppet Bug #3581: tagmail + err: PGError: server closed the connection unexpectedly
This also happens to me on Debian Lenny. It happens with both 0.25.4 and 2.6.1. If I turn off tagmail reports (and ...


06:02 pm Puppet Documentation Feature #3913 (Closed): Improve parsing architecture image
used to have a useful image documenting w...


07:56 pm Facter Bug #2865: facter 1.5.7 changed the report of the virtual fact
Actually, the vserver_host should always have s_context: 0. s_context is the security context of the vserver, 0 shoul...


01:04 am Puppet Bug #1917 (Duplicate): purging ssh_authorized_key type fails
I've set:
resources { ssh_authorized_key: purge => true; }
in my site.pp, but keys that have been removed from...


10:17 pm Puppet Feature #1823 (Tests Insufficient): pear package type
New package type for PHP pear packages.


12:38 pm Puppet Bug #1496: nagios_servicedependency needs a unique host_name?
Until this get fixed properly, the following patch sets more reasonable defaults for the nagios namevars. Since the ...


11:10 pm Facter Bug #1559 (Closed): regexp change for dmidecode facts
On a number of my IBM servers, the Product Name returned by dmidecode looks like this:...


02:10 am Puppet Bug #1543 (Closed): Failures during prefetching kill puppetd
This happens when a value for a nagios directive is blank:...

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