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Dominic Maraglia

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  • Registered on: 09/15/2010
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Reported issues: 212


04:31 pm Puppet Acceptance Feature #16794 (Merged - Pending Release): Please enable "embeddable build status icon" plugin to...
04:30 pm Puppet Acceptance Feature #16794 (Accepted): Please enable "embeddable build status icon" plugin to Jenkins
Done. Please verify functionality.


07:29 am Puppet Bug #14682 (Needs More Information): Reproduce 'Scale' on appropriate hardware
"Scale", our dedicated performance testing node is built on an OSX; OSX is a fun desktop OS, but is not suitable for ...


09:57 am Puppet Acceptance Feature #12205: Allow acceptance tests to be parallelized
I am changing the priority to low: currently we are not even writing client-server tests (the whole point of the harn...


01:45 pm Puppet Acceptance Bug #7905 (Closed): Test failure on one host prevents tests from runnong on other hosts
I fixed this.


11:53 am Puppet Acceptance Feature #12673 (Needs More Information): There should be a Result#output that allows access to co...
I understand the use case for this addition though I wonder how many tests cases will need to check the ordering of S...


10:16 am Puppet Acceptance Feature #9989: Add support for VMWare Fusion 4 on OS X
Disconnect here: this is not related to the libvirt/virsh interface to ESX server; I had created a bunch of hacky sc...


10:56 am Puppet Acceptance Bug #6162 (Investigating): Add a before/after mechanism
I will leave this ticket in your queue as I believe you have the most vested interest in this issue.
10:52 am Puppet Acceptance Bug #12565 (Closed): Print usage banner when no arguments are passed to systest.rb
10:50 am Puppet Bug #8502: Create comprehensive tests around file resource
Undoubtedly a grand idea...should be assigned to someone, else this will never be done.

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