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Andrew Elwell

  • Registered on: 02/16/2011
  • Last connection: 08/01/2012


Reported issues: 5


01:22 pm Facter Feature #15714: Add OS major release fact
Pull Req at
01:20 pm Facter Feature #15714 (Duplicate): Add OS major release fact
On RHEL clones (osfamily RedHat) and Debian it would be useful to pull out the major release version
ie 5.8=>5, 6....
08:44 am Facter Refactor #11308: general operatingsystemrelease fact should be deprecated
-1 for me on the concept of depreciating operatingsystemrelease on Linux. It's a very useful variable to use with con...


05:48 am Puppet Bug #15512 (Needs More Information): puppet resource_type search '*' - differences between yaml a...
(blame bodepd...)
Trying out his example of puppet resource_type search '*' on a puppetmaster
--render-as json ...


07:38 am Facter Bug #15001: ipaddress fact fails on Fedora 17
Patch available
06:14 am Facter Bug #15001: ipaddress fact fails on Fedora 17
We should maybe consider using 'ip addr'?
Example from Fedora 17 laptop
[aelwell@pcitgtelwell ~]$ ip addr | gre...


02:08 am Facter Bug #8210: virtual fact should work for EL kvm guests
> Most of linux guests would have lscpu (within util-linux)
Sadly not for RHEL 5 clones (SL / centos / SLC) -- the u...


02:56 am Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #13977 (Closed): has i386 facter package in x86_64 arch directory
Please can someone remove facter-1.6.0-1.i386.rpm from
as it's blo...


01:18 am Puppet Community Package Repository Feature #13019 (Accepted): Yum repo needs updating for test fedora releases
Hi folks,
Is there any chance of having (and possibly f18 / rawhide) availab...


02:20 pm Facter Feature #9260: Facter should detect Scientific Linux CERN
Sure, but I don't understand how to write ruby testsuites -- I'm guessing from a nose round the code that I need to d...

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