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T.J. Yang

  • Registered on: 02/25/2011
  • Last connection: 04/10/2013


Reported issues: 8


05:13 am Facter Feature #17612: Facter didn't recognize Google Compute Engine VM as virtual ressources
Josh Cooper wrote:
> Hi Pierre-Gilles, do you know of any publicly documented way to determine this information reli...


05:35 am Facter Feature #6690: OpenIndiana facter(puppet) support
Adrien Thebo wrote:
> As long as Solaris and OpenIndiana are somewhat binary compatible I would say they're in a fam...


05:25 am Facter Feature #6682: Solaris LDOM facts
My oracle support contact provide following way to identify a ldom session, looks good to me....


02:43 pm Puppet Bug #9862: puppet cannot run without puppet group on the system
I am encountering same issue in puppet-2.7.6.
/opt/puppetmaster276/bin/puppet master
Could not prepare for exe...


01:53 pm Facter Feature #6690: OpenIndiana facter(puppet) support
>Is OpenIndiana binary compatible with Solaris 11? If so, I believe it should be in the Solaris osfamily.
Yes so far...
05:34 am Facter Feature #6690: OpenIndiana facter(puppet) support
Nope, it is still showing as solaris in osfamily.
root@oi151:~# /var/ruby/1.8/gem_home/bin/facter |grep osfamily...


10:54 am Puppet Wiki edit: Puppet_PIF (#11)


06:56 am Puppet Bug #7930 (Investigating): "puppet agent --genconfig" also create settings for puppet master
When I run "puppet agent --genconfig > /tmp/puppet.conf", I did get the template for puppet.
I not familiar what se...


05:50 pm Puppet Wiki edit: Puppet_PIF (#10)


01:32 pm Puppet Wiki edit: Puppet_PIF (#9)

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