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Michael Stahnke

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02:32 pm Puppet Community Package Repository Feature #19721: Sign gems - openpgp-rubygems-ca
Redmine Issue [#19721]( has been migrated to JIRA:


03:00 pm Puppet Bug #22999: Service Provider 'init' does not detect correct location for script directory on AIX ...
Do you have an example service that uses init? The items I see are things like ssh which end up in /etc/rc2.d but are...


01:06 pm Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #17439: Files tracked by RPM are not correct
I'd be in favor of splitting into sub packages (and trying to get the syntax stuff upstream if possible).
01:02 pm Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #22718 (Needs Decision): package:ips not available


03:21 pm Puppet Feature #21950: Puppet Packages should be built to support Ruby 1.9 from Software Collections.
Trevor Vaughan wrote:
> Back porting patches from 1.9 to 1.8.7?
Back porting patches that impact 1.8.7. They have a...
10:39 am Puppet Feature #21950 (Needs Decision): Puppet Packages should be built to support Ruby 1.9 from Softwar...
Trevor Vaughan wrote:
> Ruby 1.8.7 is officially dead and there are a lot of performance improvements that come with...
08:04 am Puppet Feature #21950 (Needs More Information): Puppet Packages should be built to support Ruby 1.9 from...
While I understand the request, I am more curious as to why.
The puppet 3 series works perfectly fine on the Ruby...


01:24 pm PuppetDB Bug #21611 (Closed): PuppetDB Terminus not working with Ruby 2.0 (or at least packaging isn't)
In trying to build PuppetDB for Fedora 19 (which is Ruby 2.0 only), I got the following error. I haven't really taken...


04:07 pm Puppet Bug #12517: Puppet Master IPv6 Only
Moving to core. This came in through PE public tracker.
03:42 pm Puppet Bug #20219: exec does not set $HOME when specifying a user
This came in a public PE bug. Moving to Puppet Core.

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