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Garrett Honeycutt

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  • Registered on: 06/03/2008
  • Last connection: 09/19/2014



Reported issues: 363


08:20 pm Puppet Bug #22557: Regression on arrays and puppet resources using the name attribute
This change affected many of my modules and as such, I changed one to match Eric's explanation that the title should ...


05:17 pm Facter Feature #10268: fact to determine gateway
This should be closed. There was a lengthy discussion some time ago about how this is impossible.


09:45 am PuppetDB Feature #17108: "Degraded mode" that allows Puppet to operate when PuppetDB is down - with queues...
The complexity of running a truly HA database layer is onerous on a Puppet admin and doing this in the applicat...


08:01 am Puppet Documentation Feature #11397: style guide should recommend that people use $module_name in source and template ...
My initial idea was that after learning about `$module_path` from seeing some
of Cody's code, that it seemed like a ...
07:36 am Puppet Feature #22728 (Unreviewed): ability to specify environments.d in puppet.conf for an easier way t...
The current method for managing environments on the puppet master is cumbersome and would be better served by using a...
03:27 am Puppet Documentation Bug #16989: document Modulefile dependency symbols
Looks like this documentation has already been written. After hitting a bug where I used greater than sign in conjunc...


12:37 pm Facter Bug #12504 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): operatingsystemrelease doesn't work for Ubuntu LTS 1...
PR - <>


01:28 pm Facter Feature #5205: facter does not have a manpage
Thebo, I think this can be closed.


10:43 am Puppet Bug #21078 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): module face should generate a spec_helper file compa...
PR - <>
10:39 am Puppet Bug #21078 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): module face should generate a spec_helper file compa...
This functionality is needed to use puppetlabs_spec_helper by default and should be encouraged.

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