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Louis Coilliot

  • Registered on: 09/28/2011
  • Last connection: 07/14/2015


Reported issues: 3


09:17 am Puppet Feature #7788: Puppet should allow rubygems to deliver new functionality
For example, I struggled to install hiera, gem delivery would be nice. No bother anymore with synchonization of the c...


05:18 am MCollective Feature #12704 (Duplicate): Get the raw message for debugging when there is a marshal file format...
When using the mco CLI, it could be useful to get the 'raw' response message from the broker when you have an error i...


02:31 pm MCollective Bug #11822 (Closed): Improved doc on Application Plugin
More consistent with the tutorial on writing agents and very minor typo fix.
Patch in attachment.
Tested with a...


08:49 am MCollective Feature #11752 (Closed): Improved doc on MCollective more complex agents
It took time for me to understand :

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