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AJ Christensen

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  • Registered on: 06/03/2008
  • Last connection: 12/11/2008


Reported issues: 9


10:49 pm Puppet Bug #1754 (Accepted): puppet magically doesn't evaluate certain (special named) included classes
Can confirm this behavior on 0.24.6 (via Git tag) and 0.24.x HEAD.


12:01 am Puppet Bug #1714: yumhelper handling with yum 2.2.x is broken
13:01 < groove> can someone assign #1714 to me (ohookins) ?


01:36 pm Puppet Bug #1549 (Needs More Information): ssh_authorized_keys provider creates keys-file with root owne...
My testing shows that ssh_authorized_keys, when creating an authorized key for a named user (in this case, steven):


11:40 am Puppet Bug #1525: local host fails to sync with mongrel/apache2
For nginx you need to run a seperate instance on another port (e.g. 8141) for doing the CSR stuff, and --ca_port 8141...
11:37 am Puppet Bug #1527 (Needs More Information): puppet fails to run if store facts wont compile
Need more details, steps to reproduce.
Does this happen w/ 0.24.5?


04:03 am Puppet Bug #1523: In-line documentation in "$EXECUTABLE --genconfig" are incorrect
ohookins wrote:
> When you generate an example config using, for example, "puppetmasterd --genconfig" the following c...


06:56 am Puppet Bug #1452 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): puppetlast error: undefined method `version'
Puppetlast didn't work on systems with more than 1 node, as Puppet::Node::Fact doesn't have an <=> method (obviously)...
06:55 am Puppet Bug #1452 (Re-opened): puppetlast error: undefined method `version'


04:06 pm Puppet Feature #1501 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): puppetrun needs ICMP?
Patch sent to puppet-dev, rebased against 0.24.x 15/9/08


07:30 am Puppet Bug #1465 (Needs More Information): Puppet mistakenly thinks openssl-devel.x86_64 is installed.
Anyone have a rh-based machine to try and replicate this behaviour?

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