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Nicolas Szalay

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  • Registered on: 07/01/2008
  • Last connection: 08/04/2011


Reported issues: 11


05:35 am MCollective Bug #8775 (Closed): Give version precision for registration_collective feature
The doc states that registration_col...


04:53 am MCollective Feature #7772 (Closed): Allow random pickup of discovered in the client class
the rpclimitmethod is only implemented as a client config option. Please make it available in the client class too so...
04:26 am MCollective Feature #7771 (Closed): Allow to switch user for run() function
It would be nice to be able for the run() function to run under another UID than root (drop privileges).


08:05 am MCollective Bug #7627: Missing check when opening classesfile
fix is in my branch :
commit : https://github....
07:40 am MCollective Bug #7627 (Closed): Missing check when opening classesfile
When the config management classes file no check is done. If the file doesn't exist you get a ruby error in the logs.


12:59 am MCollective Bug #7532 (Closed): Facts name validation regex does not allow dots
I dumped my ohai attributes to a yaml file using a "." as a separator, so I have the following entries :


06:26 pm MCollective Bug #5082 (Closed): Add syslog support
Please add syslog support for mcollective. A first implementaion is available here :


03:56 am Puppet Bug #3238: puppetmaster uses to many mysql connections
1. No async storeconfigs
2. Netstat or show processlist in mysql, IIRC both show the information
3. It refuses ...


07:42 pm Puppet Bug #3369: Puppetmaster not closing database connections
Isn't it related to #3238 ?


12:54 pm Puppet Feature #3304 (Tests Insufficient): Add pkgin support to the package provider
I'd like to see pkgin (see support in puppet.
File is attached.

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