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Tim Stoop

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  • Registered on: 07/25/2008
  • Last connection: 02/17/2009


Reported issues: 23


12:49 am Puppet Feature #11915: Segregate client facts, server facts and ENC params in topscope hashes
Daniel Pittman wrote:
> I can't see a good reason to expose either the server facts, or the server settings, to the ...


04:58 am Puppet Bug #8373: Using thin_storeconfigs causes custom tags not to be treated as tags.
It looks like I cannot reproduce this on puppetmaster 2.7.1-1~bpo60+3, so it might have been solved somewhere in betw...


04:57 am Puppet Bug #7428: Puppet cert fails on 1.9.2 with wrong number of arguments
Not sure if this related, but I thought I'd better mention it here also. Using puppet 2.7.3 with ruby 1.9 also causes...


06:39 am Puppet Feature #8467 (Accepted): Setting the name of the queue
Currently, when using an ActiveMQ queue, it always names the queue 'catalog'. It would be nice if this is configurabl...


09:37 am Puppet Feature #5726 (Needs More Information): Allow uid range when creating a user
Hi there,
It would be convenient if you could add a uid range when creating a new user. Otherwise, puppet creates ...


04:08 pm Puppet Bug #3136: custom plugins "type/" is not loaded first . If provider/* depends on those if fails t...
Which file would i need to require to fix this? I'm running into the same 'problem'. It's not really a problem, becau...


12:22 pm Puppet Feature #3871: Allow for searching in Arrays
Brice was already planning on doing this, I believe. That's what he told me just before puppetcamp, anyway.


02:05 pm Puppet Feature #3871 (Closed): Allow for searching in Arrays
It would be awesome if we could do something like:...


10:41 am Puppet Feature #2990: There's a split(), but no combine()
Also, that goes wrong when you're trying to join a non-array, so I need to build in more logic. Would be nice to have...
09:04 am Puppet Feature #3181: Create resource if it doesn't already exist (with array support)
Currently, I'm working on our new Nagios module, so my example is Nagios orientated, but I'm sure you can see the ben...

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