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Paul Lathrop

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  • Registered on: 06/03/2008
  • Last connection: 12/24/2012


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04:25 pm Puppet Bug #18354 (Needs More Information): "undefined method `tr' for nil:NilClass"
In our puppet master logs we see frequent messages like this:
Jan 4 00:17:30 REDACTED puppet-master[13232]: u...


04:32 pm Puppet Bug #18282: Top-level includes cross catalogs during concurrent catalog compilation.
Ugh. apparently I can't fix my messed-up description. Sorry.
04:30 pm Puppet Bug #18282 (Needs More Information): Top-level includes cross catalogs during concurrent catalog ...
For some time we've been seeing some nodes getting incorrect classes applied by puppet. It has taken time to track th...


03:37 pm Puppet Bug #3873: Unexpected dependency created by exec
We also ran into this, in a slightly different use case. We want to trigger an exec resource but only if a file doesn...


10:08 pm MCollective Feature #5306: SimpleRPC requests should support targeting a subset of nodes
It would be great if this were more general so you could specify a specific number of nodes or a percentage of nodes.


11:28 pm Puppet Forge Feature #3892: Site should support Open ID authentication
Igal Koshevoy wrote:
> I'm reducing this to low priority because:
> 1. The current login works.
> 2. The app is us...


05:40 pm Puppet Bug #3834 (Duplicate): APT package provider doesn't allow package downgrades
Dupe of #1999, which has already been fixed.


04:45 am Puppet Bug #3517: Puppet silently passes out production environment manifests when requested environment...
Luke Kanies wrote:
> I can only see this being the case if your default information (i.e., what you get if you have ...


07:42 pm Puppet Bug #3702: Log lines on the puppetmaster do not show source Node.
Markus Roberts wrote:
> Putting the branch in the branch field.
Oops! Forgot that, thanks!


11:11 pm Puppet Bug #3702 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Log lines on the puppetmaster do not show source Node.
Fix available at

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