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Kristian Kostecky

  • Registered on: 01/23/2012
  • Last connection: 02/27/2016


Reported issues: 2


02:02 pm Puppet Feature #17638: Ability to pass "-f" or "--force" options to user providers
Here you are.


12:19 pm Puppet Bug #21203 (Needs Decision): ssh_authorized_key causes failure of /tmp/puppet* removal if many ke...
If you create a manifest that adds many keys to many different users you will get the occasional failure depending on...


02:11 pm Puppet Bug #1398: Common package name in two different providers
This is still an issue in puppet 2.7.14.
12:47 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #14301 (Closed): Hashes can not be used in selectors (upgrading from 2.7.1->2.7.14)
After upgrading from puppet 2.7.1 -> 2.7.14, I noticed that all the selectors that assigned hashes caused a parse err...


03:46 am Puppet Feature #1107: Allow exclusion in tags specified on the command line
What is the update on what version is to get this feature? This is *extremely* useful.
03:46 am Puppet Feature #3746: puppetd --tags should support logical not
What is the update on what version is to get this feature? This is *extremely* useful.


03:00 pm Puppet Bug #5236: Ruby DSL cannot declare parameterized classes
Here's a workaround that allows you to build a parameterized class in the ruby DSL. The idea is to build a wrapper cl...

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