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Philip Brown

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  • Registered on: 10/10/2008
  • Last connection: 04/29/2014


Reported issues: 12


04:36 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #17514 (Closed): broken link on broken link page
I attempted to type in a url, and got a "We Can't Find That ..." page.
In which it links to documentation, includi...


03:45 pm Puppet Bug #14699 (Accepted): puppet does not respect terminal types, for color output
It seems as though puppet completely ignores terminal type settings, and force outputs some kind of hard coded color ...


03:17 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #14565 (Closed): Documentation reference needs improving
There needs to be a great big obvious
"Click Here For Documentation On Dashboard", on its official top page of


05:01 pm Standard Library Bug #14422 (Merged - Pending Release): README file to reference bug tracker
It would be convenient if the top level README file for the module, directly mentioned,
## Bug Reports ##
To re...


04:51 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #14421 (Closed): split-brain divergence between forge and docs documentation
The referenced url (Module Fundamentals) has two links, to pages on
See “Installing Modules”
03:12 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #14419 (Closed): Add clarity about direct editing process of
The referenced URL doesnt make the nature of the "edit it yourself" method clear. There is also a step or two that is...
12:47 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #14415 (Merged - Pending Release): broken link
the contribute page has a link,
"documentation style and usage guide"
pointing to
12:06 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #14414 (Rejected): Workflow in reaching the docs project bug tracker(and others)
Since there does not seem to be a "general website feedback" option, I'll file this under docs.
It is currently ov...
11:40 am Puppet Documentation Bug #14412 (Closed): proposed changes to module fundamentals page
I'm proposing the following changes be m...


09:46 am Puppet Documentation Bug #14372 (Closed): Module publishing page, seems to be stalled
"This is a placeholder page, which will be...

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