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Marc Richter

  • Registered on: 04/04/2012
  • Last connection: 07/13/2013


Reported issues: 6


12:48 pm Puppet Bug #21046 (Closed): puppet init.d script spawns a master instance
Hi Charlie,
sorry for not come back with feedback for quite a month now!! I really feel sorry for that!
In fact, ...


05:24 am Puppet Bug #21046 (Closed): puppet init.d script spawns a master instance
I'm running CentOS 6.4 and installed puppet using your EL repositories, as described in


06:36 am Facter Bug #13396: Facter not working with recent net-tools
Guys, did you forget about this one?
Current facter still don't work properly with recent net-tools. That an (ugly) ...


08:53 am Puppet Bug #16574 (Needs More Information): Gentoo's eix program seems to have changed it's syntax which...
Hi everyone!
When I understand how puppet works package-resources in Gentoo correctly, it uses the program "eix" o...
08:16 am Puppet Bug #16573 (Duplicate): Gentoo package - resource is failing
Running Puppet on a Gentoo Linux, everytime, when a package - resource is computed, the eix - command seems to give b...


06:41 am Puppet Bug #15513 (Closed): Resource type 'cron' fails with 'target' parameter
`cron { 'foo':
ensure => present,
command => '/etc/init.d/foo restart',
user => 'root',
minute => '*/1440',


10:31 am Puppet Feature #13680: Distinguish "Funtoo" from "Gentoo" Linux
Yes, that's right. I thought of it as a check additional to the first one to be even more sure.
02:06 am Puppet Feature #13680: Distinguish "Funtoo" from "Gentoo" Linux
PS: Another indicator that the system is a funtoo and not a gentoo system is, that the directory '/usr/portage/profil...


02:20 am Puppet Feature #13680 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Distinguish "Funtoo" from "Gentoo" Linux
[Funtoo Linux]( is a Fork of Gentoo Linux from the former creator of Gentoo Linux, Daniel Robb...


02:14 am Puppet Bug #13614 (Investigating): Puppet running ruby1.9 isn't working reliably
I have a three-node scenario. It consists of :...

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