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James Sweeny

  • Registered on: 04/14/2012
  • Last connection: 08/14/2014



Reported issues: 62


10:20 am PuppetDB Bug #22380 (Merged - Pending Release): store-usage and temp-usage options are undocumented
Though the default config.ini specifies the purpose of these options, they are not in the official documentation.


09:55 am Puppet Documentation Bug #20659 (Rejected): Puppetmaster running through passenger doesn;t read either /etc/puppet/pup...
I spoke with Roberto over email and confirmed that this is neither documentation related nor an actual bug. Updating ...


11:47 am Puppet Bug #19742: Report processor swallows exceptions
Another note, the failing test specifically checks that this feature doesn't exist. I can't see a good reason for thi...


03:58 pm Puppet Bug #19742: Report processor swallows exceptions
I don't think it's related. #17883 seems to be a problem with the way the processor is loaded, and this bug is very s...
09:45 pm Puppet Bug #19742 (Needs More Information): Report processor swallows exceptions
The report processor terminus catches errors generated during report processing and only logs them. This is fine for ...


10:20 am Puppet Bug #17466: Bad error from user type when no provider is available
Also, the relevant stack trace:...
10:18 am Puppet Bug #17466 (Accepted): Bad error from user type when no provider is available
The user type gives "undefined method `exists?' for nil:NilClass" when it can't find a suitable provider. This should...

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