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Ken Johnson

  • Registered on: 05/01/2012
  • Last connection: 04/15/2014



Reported issues: 50


03:06 pm MCollective Plugins Feature #22437 (Investigating): Support firing off runs with custom options when daemon is active
This feature request comes out of some discussion with a user attempting to implement the workflow described here: ht...


03:14 pm Hiera Bug #21447 (Needs More Information): parse_string keeps looking if a variable is an empty string
A user reported an issue where, if they have a variable in their Hiera data that resolves to an empty string, the par...


11:33 am Puppet Documentation Bug #20604 (Closed): Interpolation doesn't work unless data string is quoted
A customer reported some odd behavior when using Hiera 1.2.1 under Windows Server 2008 R2.
This snippet of a hier...
11:02 am Puppet Bug #20602 (Duplicate): Resources tagged using a resource default are not realized properly
Reported by one of our PE customers:
Given the class:...


04:20 pm Puppet Feature #20375 (Accepted): Alternate README file locations for global __site__ level documentation
Filing on behalf of a customer:
"We've recently started auto-generating rdocs for our code base. Since the top le...


11:33 am Hiera Feature #20193 (Rejected): Ability to turn off Hiera logging
I totally overlooked the presence of the noop logger. My mistake!


02:00 pm Hiera Feature #20193 (Rejected): Ability to turn off Hiera logging
A user reported that since Hiera 1.2.0 they've been seeing a bunch of debug messages from Hiera interspersed througho...


10:42 am Puppet Bug #19727 (Closed): Duplicate file resource detection/path validation weirdness with multiple sl...
This was reported by one of our commercial users.
It looks like somewhere between version 2.7.6 and 2.7.20 the val...


11:29 am Puppet Feature #19447 (Closed): File provider should support symlinks under Windows
Currently the file provider does not support symbolic links under Windows. Having this capability would be really nic...


02:22 pm PuppetDB Feature #19193: Option to entirely disable update checking
Related support ticket (non-public):

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