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Miah Johnson

  • Registered on: 01/08/2009
  • Last connection: 10/17/2010


Reported issues: 5


06:40 am Facter Feature #5021: Archserver detection.
Yes, will do tomorrow! Thanks =)


07:34 pm Facter Feature #5021 (Accepted): Archserver detection.
I've made a minor change to operatingsystem.rb to detect Archserver as well as Archlinux. Archserver is a fork of Arc...


06:33 pm Puppet Feature #1853: pacman package provider
I started working on a rspec for this a few weeks ago (which is the only requirement preventing inclusion af...


07:35 pm Facter Bug #1990: Facter failure on OpenSUSE 11.1
Facter 1.5.4 RC is working fine. I'm guessing 1.5.4 is 'stable' now as there is an announcement, but its not the curr...
07:31 pm Facter Bug #1990 (Closed): Facter failure on OpenSUSE 11.1
Facter 1.5.3 isn't very happy on my OpenSUSE 11.1 install. Ruby 1.8.7 (the opensuse default, no updates app...


06:17 pm Puppet Feature #1853: pacman package provider
I'm still a ruby newb, so I'm a bit behind on getting the tests done (learning curves). I'd definitely like to see t...


06:23 pm Facter Bug #1346: Using 'ip addr' over ifconfig
The 'ip' command is available on most Linux distributions, in the iproute2 package. The 'ip' command provides avance...


10:25 pm Facter Bug #1867: OpenSuSE Detection
I revised the patch. Instead of adding a whole definition for opensuse to the operatingsystemrelease I've just modif...
08:57 pm Facter Bug #1867: OpenSuSE Detection
Doh, filed as a bug, should be a feature. My apologies!
08:55 pm Facter Bug #1867 (Closed): OpenSuSE Detection
I made facter correctly detect OpenSuSE. The reason I did this is because OpenSuSE uses rug or zypper dependi...

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