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Rahul Gopinath

  • Registered on: 06/26/2012
  • Last connection: 07/02/2014



Reported issues: 38


09:15 pm PuppetDB Bug #19373: Puppetdb repl doesn't work with telnet
Yes, I am able to use “lein repl :connect localhost:8082”, it works correctly for nrepl.
I also assumed swank worke...


03:20 pm PuppetDB Bug #19373 (Closed): Puppetdb repl doesn't work with telnet
While using puppetdb installed from the git source (master cloned on 20 Feb. 2013), after enabling the [repl] in conf...


11:17 am Puppet Feature #16329 (Closed): solaris zones should allow manifests to be used for the list of packages...
Closing this bug since this is accomplished by specifying create and install args.


03:53 pm Puppet Refactor #16159 (Closed): solaris: zpool type uses VDev and VMultiDev rather than using Puppet::List
Closing this since zpool has arrays within arrays rather than just arrays. So the separate property is justified.
02:04 pm Puppet Feature #1945 (Needs More Information): Add account lock and unlock support for useradd on solaris
Does setting password=NP help? That is,
# puppet resource user myuser password=NP
# passwd -s myuser
01:48 pm Puppet Feature #1945: Add account lock and unlock support for useradd on solaris
This is still present in solaris11 + puppet 3.x
05:20 pm Puppet Feature #16470 (Accepted): solaris: zones should support change of paths by using zone detach.
Currently zone provider does not support changing the path once installed. However one important use case of zones is...
05:16 pm Puppet Refactor #16430: Refactor puppet acceptance tests (especially solaris)
Partial fix here: <>
This woul...


02:01 pm Puppet Feature #16436 (Closed): Use a local IPS mirror for solaris zone acceptance tests
Currently, solaris zone acceptance tests take an hour each to run when zone installation is involved because they pul...
11:37 pm Puppet Feature #16433 (Accepted): Allow services to be uninstalled.
In platforms like solaris, users are allowed to add multiple entries to services that are not tied to any particular ...

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