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Andy Bakun

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  • Registered on: 12/02/2009
  • Last connection: 01/18/2010


Reported issues: 2


06:34 am Facter Bug #2938: interfaces that don't match ^\w+[.:]?\d+ are ignored
The symlinks in /sys/class/net do seem to mirror the names assigned by udev and "ip link set name". I changed the na...


09:10 am Facter Bug #2938 (Closed): interfaces that don't match ^\w+[.:]?\d+ are ignored
I often rename the interfaces on my machines so they are more self-documenting and consistent independent of driver l...


11:36 pm Puppet Bug #2883 (Duplicate): puppetd runs slow when recursively coping symlinks, produces "Failed to re...
I'm using puppet 0.25-1 (ubuntu packaged), and when managing symlinks, puppetd runs REALLY slow, and I get this error...

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