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Cody Herriges

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11:45 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #16140: node_vmware is not locale-aware and fails against non-english vSphere (specifically, ...
I am unable to replicate this issue against vCenter 5.1. Anyone know if the original problem was specifically agains...


09:14 am Puppet Bug #21709 (Closed): Master no longer logs catalog compilation time
The logging regressions in 3.2.1 also removed Catalog compilation time logging from the master output. This have not...


11:37 am Ask Puppet Labs Bug #18188 (Needs More Information): Site is responding very slowly
I have updated python on njord. There are no 'Error is “premature end of script headers”' recently in the ask.puppet...
11:11 am Ask Puppet Labs Feature #18199 (Accepted): Setup local SMTP server to help speed up email alerts.
There is a local smtp server running on njord. I have tested it using mailx and it works as expect.


02:43 pm Ask Puppet Labs Bug #18182 (Closed): Turn debugging off for launch
Fixed. We forked the askbot module and I have pushed a pull ...
02:30 pm Ask Puppet Labs Bug #18182 (Needs Decision): Turn debugging off for launch
02:29 pm Ask Puppet Labs Bug #18182: Turn debugging off for launch
We are using Evgeny's askbot module directly and he has hardcoded the DEBUG value into the template. I c...


04:32 pm Puppet Labs Modules Feature #14477 (Needs More Information): corosync - pull request - group support
So groups are just a shortcut to order and colocation definitions?


10:54 am Puppet Bug #14238: composite namevars require your separator in title even when unneeded.
Forgot I had written a test for this but never committed it. So I have done so now.


04:33 pm Puppet Documentation Refactor #9895 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): 80 character limit

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