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Enrica Patacconi

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  • Registered on: 02/10/2010
  • Last connection: 02/10/2010


Reported issues: 2


09:16 am Puppet Bug #3174: Failed to retrieve current state of resource: undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass
Hi James,
The problem looks very similar to mine, I will provide you with trace verbose and debug should it happen...
09:07 am Puppet Bug #3174 (Needs More Information): Failed to retrieve current state of resource: undefined metho...
I occasionally run into this error when running puppetd --test.
err: //users::cluster::test/Users::Cluster::Add[te...


08:05 pm Puppet Bug #3171 (Needs More Information): Multiple environments main manifest not working
I run puppetmasterd and puppetd on a SLES 10SP2.
I have three different environments: bootstrap, staging, producti...

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